Ride: Along the shore

  1528 km

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Date: August 12
Distance: 19.54
Cyclists: Mike

Back on the bike two weeks to the day after my crash.  Can't say I wasn't a bit nervous.  I had to remind myself that I've ridden thousands of kilometers WITHOUT crashing, and today was going to be on of THOSE days.  And so it was.  I'm mostly healed, only the left wrist made the ride a bit uncomfortable.

I took a route I've never done before.  Down to Oak Bay and then along the coast toward downtown.  There was 101 meters of climbing, including my first ascent up King George Terrace.  I picked the longer, less steep side and was glad of it.  The drop down the other side was hair raising...over 30kph with the brakes firmly applied.  A pleasant ride down Dallas Road and some zig-zagging along some James Bay streets I haven't been on before.  And I got home before the big heat started again.