Ride: Lochside...almost...to Mitchell's Farm

  2221 km

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Date: April 7
Distance: 41.93
Cyclists: Mike & Tony

A little warmer after the cold snap, and sunny.  I hauled the Specialized out for the first time this year.  In my quest to follow the science, I reduced the air pressure in the tires to 85psi from the 90 psi I ran last year.  It was interesting.  The ride wasn't as harsh and I felt like I had better grip on the road.  The long fast descent past Mitchel's Farm on rough the rough road felt more secure with less bouncing.  So, no more 100 - 105 psi.  I'm sold.

The ride itself was also interesting in this time of social distancing.  Most people were very good with a few notable exceptions.  Fewer riders on Lochside than there were on the Goose and E & N trails.  And most looked like they rode frequently, unlike the trails inside the city where noisy mountain bikes and little kids have become the norm.