Ride: Lochside to the Airport loop

  1322 km

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Date: September 3
Distance: 48.12
Cyclists: Mike

A tale of two bums.  If you read this you know that I admire the female form and all its bits.  Tastefully I hope.  Today it was the best of times and it was the...okay it was just pretty good.  Apologies to Dickens.  I parked at our usual new spot on Royal Oak and headed up the Lochside.  At the light, waiting to cross was a young woman with the most amazing form on a bike as seen from behind.  As I was not yet warmed up and afraid of injury, I found it necessary to follow her for 4 kilometers.  My ride was just started and I was happy.  I followed the usual route out to Sidney and headed for the loop around the airport.  Again I was forced to follow an athlete as she powered around the bike path on wheeled skiis.  It would have been too dangerous to pass.  I observed her perfect technique and was impressed.  What a day!

Av speed: 23.3 kph

Elev gain: 218 meters